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Tom Radca, Ceramic Artist

For years, Tom Radca's pottery designs have been treasured for their marvelous depth of color and lusterous highlights. Expertly handcrafted in the artisan's rural Ohio barn studio, Radca's trademark large scale designs feature 36" diameter plates and vessels measuring up to 60" in height.

Beginning at the potter's wheel, Radca often works with as much as 50 pounds of clay. The warmth and splendor of Radca's pieces are attributed to his carefully developed firing process. Color and effects result from controlling the temperature of firing and by introducing combustible materials to the kiln environment near the end of the firing process - a process he calls "Painting with Fire."

After the pots are fired and allowed to cool, Radca applies muratic acid that eats away at carbon buildup and exposes the color underneath. It took years of exploration for Radca to perfect this technique, as well as his unique firing process.


Mercy Medical Center Tile Installation
Mercy Medical Center ICU

Tom's largest commissioned installation

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New for 2015!

Warm and Vibrant Teal and Tan Glazes on tile and three dimensional pieces

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New Colors on Kitchen Tile Installation

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Coming in 2016
Radca Ranch School of Ceramics

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