Greetings from Ohio!

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy in these uncertain times!

As you know by now, art festivals across the country have been cancelled. We miss seeing and interacting with all of you!

But just because we can't get together, it doesn't mean you can't see my latest work. I've had great interest in my Fused Glass pieces, as well as my Cobalt Blue series. I'd like to present those to you at the link below.

And better yet for you, the prices of all pieces are lowered 30% due to the Covid quarantine!

Please browse my Available Pieces online and contact us if you have an interest in any. If you are interested in seeing all of my inventory, contact me via email at or call me at 740-502-4374 for a personal appointment or shipping information.

Our studios are tucked away at the beautiful Tuscarawas county hills. Our very remote location and a staff of just two keeps our art work and environment virus free.

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Workshop Dorm Construction Go Fund Me Set Up!

School of Ceramics Dorm Funding Underway

We have set up a Go Fund Me page to help with the process of the dorm completion. ... more details >>

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Tom Radca

Ceramic Artist

For years, Tom Radca's pottery designs have been treasured for their marvelous depth of color and lusterous highlights. Expertly handcrafted in the artisan's rural Ohio barn studio, Radca's trademark large scale designs feature 36" diameter plates and vessels measuring up to 60" in height.

Beginning at the potter's wheel, Radca often works with as much as 50 pounds of clay. The warmth and splendor of Radca's pieces are attributed to his carefully developed firing process. Color and effects result from controlling the temperature of firing and by introducing combustible materials to the kiln environment near the end of the firing process - a process he calls "Painting with Fire."

After the pots are fired and allowed to cool, Radca applies muratic acid that eats away at carbon buildup and exposes the color underneath. It took years of exploration for Radca to perfect this technique, as well as his unique firing process.

Independent Study with a Master Potter

Study Ceramics in a Peaceful, Nurturing Atmosphere

Nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Appalachia and located near the Amish village of Peoli in southern Tuscarawas Couty Ohio, the Radca Ranch School of Ceramics offers you a place of learning, relaxation and personal growth.

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" he has the ability to facilitate your desire to explore and push you to new limits"

Read Full Quote → Joseph Staron
Vail , Colorado
" Never in my wildest dreams could I feel so comfortable splashing slip and glazing."

Read Full Quote → John M. Michael
Gurnee , Illinois
" Tom’s goals are set to make things better for everyone"

Read Full Quote → Kiki Delancy
" This was certainly the best ceramic workshop I have experienced. "

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Mercy Medical Center Tile Installation
Mercy Medical Center ICU

Tom's largest commissioned installation

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Workshop Dorm Construction Go Fund Me Set Up!

School of Ceramics Dorm Funding Underway

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Now Available, Art Prints

Tom's work as large wall art.

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